FOI Request - Abandoned Vehicles

Request 101001203164

1. Does your Council charge for its services in dealing with Abandoned Vehicles which are situated on private land?
2. If yes, please advise how much your Council charges, in turn explaining the breakdown of charges which are passed onto the landowner/occupier?

Response 02-06-2016

1.  It is a statutory duty of the Local Authority to deal with abandoned vehicles and we cannot charge fees in relation to any administration or enquiry carried out in relation to that.  See The Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act 1978

2. Prescribed fees in relation to the removal, storage and disposal of vehicles on any land are set by Scottish Ministers in The Removal, Storage and Disposal of Vehicles (Prescribed Sums and Charges etc) (Scotland) Regulations 2011 - See Schedule 1 in the attached link.

Moray Council utilise an external service provider to remove vehicles and only apply these charges where an actual fee is incurred to the Council.

The fee is regarded as a civil debt.

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