FOI Request - Council Owned Allotments

Request 101001203631

If you have Council-owned allotment sites:

1. Please provide me with a copy of your current set of Allotment Rules and Regulations
2. Has the management of any of your allotment sites been devolved to an Allotment Association/Society that represents the relevant plot-holders?
3. If so, does your council or associated Allotment Association/Societies deal with the management of the waiting lists and the maintenance responsibilities of the allotments?
4. Do the Allotment Association/Societies that manage such allotment sites do so in accordance with the council's set of Rules and Regulations or the Allotment Association/Societies' own Rules and Regulations?

Response 10-06-2016

There are no Council-owned allotment sites in Moray. 

The Council works with communities to set up their own allotments, for more information please see our website here

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