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I am writing to make a request under the FOI Act, as follows:  

- Please provide figures showing the total income received by the council from sales of soft drinks in schools in each of the last five full financial years, including 2015/16.  
- Please provide a breakdown showing the total amount of the above income which came from energy drink sales or other carbonated soft drink sales (also in the last five years including 2015/16)
- Please provide copies of any guidance or advice issued by the council to individual schools in relation to their policy on the sale of energy drinks or other carbonated soft drinks.

Response 07-06-2016

The Moray council does not provide energy drinks in its school, carbonated drinks are restricted in line with the Scottish government guide lines - see below

"Drinks allowed made with a combination of water (still or carbonated) and fruit and/or vegetable juice which contain 1. No added sugar, 2. no more than 20g of sugar per portion size 3. 50% or more fruit or vegetable juice 5. no more than 200ml fruit or vegetable juice"

Drinks Not allowed-

1. No soft drinks (still or carbonated) including flavoured water (the only exception is the combination drinks that meet the criteria set out above) 2. No sugar free soft drinks (still or carbonated) including flavoured water 3. No sweetened or salted vegetable juice 4. No squash/cordials including lower sugar and "no added sugar"
5. No whole milk
6. No sports drinks

Details can be found on the web site:

Moray Council spend on drinks per year:

2013 = £103,729
2014 = £100,944
2015 = £109,504
2016 to date =£47,711

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