FOI Request - Named Persons

Request 101001208961

1.Can you tell me please, if you already have a Named Person scheme within the council area, how many Named Persons there are and how many children each has to look after.
2.For each calendar year that the Named person scheme has been in place, please tell me how many children have been referred to social workers by a Named Person.
3.For each of the five calendar years before that, please provide the number of children referred to social workers by schools and health visitors.
4.Please provide a breakdown of the reasons why they were referred – including welfare concerns, abuse, neglect, and parents with drugs or alcohol problems.
5.Please break down the children with welfare concerns into the types of concerns there have been, and how many children fell under each category.

Response 07-06-2016

The Named Person Service officially comes into being on the 31st August. Moray intend to start it on the 16th August to tie in with the new school term and to start collecting information on the service from that date

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