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Could you please provide the contact details for each department in Moray Council (in particular - the Hiring Manager).

- Please provide the first line Hiring Manager's name per department team, their title, email address, postal address and direct line telephone number.

- Could you also provide details as to whether that department has used temporary agency staff between 2013 and present.  If any agency staff are currently being employed in that department and if so, which agency they have been supplied through.

Response 29-06-2016

"The contact details for each department can be found here

The Council does not have Hiring Managers for each department as all line managers within the Council may undertake hiring duties as part of their role.

Contact details for specific vacancies can be found on the online Vacancy Bulletin here "

Agency Staff

We employed two agency staff from Seven Social Care in 2015; one from February till May inclusive and one from April to May inclusive. These were in Rose Cottage and Hamilton Drive respectively. We also employed an agency Social Worker (same agency) from March till April (7 weeks) this year.

Roads Maintenance - 2 staff from Hays (current).  

Environmental Protection - 2 waste staff from Hays (current) and 2 lands and parks staff from Hays (current).

Benefits Service for Benefit Processors

Housing and Property have used agency staff from

CP Recruitment
Hays Montrose
Anders Elite
Contract Scotland

Online Services

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