FOI Request - Nursery Free Places Scheme

Request 101001210891

1. What is your current capacity for nursery places under the free-places scheme?

2. How many places are available under the free-places scheme for a morning and afternoon session on the same day?

3. How many places, under the free-places scheme, are currently available?

4. How many parents failed to take up a free place, despite being offered one, in the current academic year? (2015/16)

5. Do you plan to increase the capacity of nursery places under the free-places scheme in the next academic year? (2016/17) If yes, please state how much capacity will increase by, and if not please provide any planned decrease in capacity.

Response 15-06-2016

1. Total places for 2,3 and 4 year olds 2,628

2. There are 1,531 morning and 1,097 afternoon places.  The option to take both sessions would be at the request of the parent and total number of places available are detailed in Q1.

3.  2,085

4.  0 - we only offer to those that request a place.

5. Capacity is determined at the start of each academic session based on the number of registrations received.  Capacity can increase or decrease depending on the number of places required each year.

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