FOI Request - Named Persons 2

Request 101001214851

This is a Freedom of Information request regarding Named Person schemes being trialled in council areas before the nationwide legislation is rolled out in August.

1.If the scheme has been operating in the council area, how many children’s parents have indicated they do not wish to deal with a Named Person?
2.How many children are currently covered by a Named Person?
3.Are the names of parents who do not wish to deal with a Named Person, and the names of those contacted by a Named Person who refuse to engage, logged? Who are these names made available to, and why are they kept?
4.What measures are taken if parents either do not wish to deal with a Named Person or are contacted by one and do not wish to engage?
5.How many children’s parents so far have been contacted by a Named Person over concerns about their child(ren)? And how many have refused to engage with the Named Person?

Response 15-06-2016

The Named Person Service officially comes into being on the 31st August. Moray intend to start it on the 16th August to tie in with the new school term and to start collecting information on the service from that date.

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