FOI Request - Commissioning of Social Services - Service Users

Request 101001218201

I would like to submit this freedom of information request to understand the commissioning of social services in your Local Authority.

I have attached an excel spreadsheet to facilitate data entry.  If you could return data in this format it would be much appreciated.

The data that I would like to request are:
1.)    What was the spend on service users (£, most recent full year)?
2.)    How many service users were placed out of area (out of registered LA) (2010-2015)?
3.)    What was the amount spend on out of area placements?
4.)    Who is on your preferred provider list for Learning disability (with or without ASD), Mental Health and Acquired Brain Injury?

Note: Could you kindly report the data by calendar years? If you only record the data by financial year, please specify

Response 07-07-2016

The information requested can be found here.

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