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I would like to submit a new FOI request that expands from a request i have already submitted this around the organisation financial services contracts but i only want the organisation to concentrate on the response relating to card processing and merchant services.

From the response you have provided me in relation to card processing and merchant services this shouldn't come under one category "merchant services" because both services are different, please see below for more information:

1. Card Processing Services -This is a contract the organisation may have that relates to the use debit/credit cards used by staff to make payments to suppliers. This also includes procurement cards.

2. Physical Card/Payment Machines -This is a contract where by people make payments to the organisation via a machine or terminal. This also includes machines that have chip and pin and contact less.

In order for me to understand this information further I was hoping to request/add a key piece of information that will enable me to understand the contract the organisation’s hold and whether this is a merchant and card processing contract.

In a nut shell what i require from the organisation is to review the information from the response you have already provided to me, around the contracts specifically for card processing/merchant services. I want the organisation to basically state whether the contract they have provided to is card processing or merchant services or both.

If the contract is card processing please just input this next to the response provided, the same for merchant services.

If the organisation has not included card processing service contract please input the contract information into the response:
1.       Contract Category: Please see select from the categories provided; Merchant Services or Card Processing Services
2.       Existing Supplier Name of supplier for each contract
3.       Contract Description: Please do not just state two to three words can you please provide me detail information about this contract and please state if upgrade, maintenance and support is included. Please also include the modules included within the contract.
4.       Annual Average Spend The total annual average spend for each contract.
5.       Contract Duration: What is the duration of the contract please include any available extensions within the contract.
6.       Contract Start Date: What is the start date of this contract? Please include month and year of the contract. DD-MM-YY or MM-YY.
7.       Contract Expiry: What is the expiry date of this contract? Please include month and year of the contract. DD-MM-YY or MM-YY.
8.       Contract Review Date: What is the review date of this contract? Please include month and year of the contract. If this cannot be provided, please provide me estimates of when the contract is likely to be reviewed. DD-MM-YY or MM-YY
9.       Contact Details: I require the full contact details of the person within the organisation responsible for this particular contract.
10.   Notes: Please provide me with any further information with regards to this contract this could include any contract extension available as well as information on renewals or plans for future tenders.

The organisation may also find that they have a contract that covers both merchant and card processing. If so please input both contract types.

Response 21-07-2016

The information requested can be found in a previous FOI submitted, the link is here

Purchasing card data is the contract for staff making payments(1) and ICON is the contract for staff collecting payments (2).  Card payment transactions costs are linked to our bank contract Bank of Scotland.

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