FOI Request - Highway Procurement

Request 101001232001

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 we request the attached information about highways procurement within your authority.
If the decision is made to withhold some of this data using exemptions in the Data Protection Act, please inform me of that fact and cite the exemptions used.
If some parts of this request are easier to answer than others, I would ask that you release the available data as soon as possible.
If you need any clarification then please do not hesitate to contact me. Under Section 16 it is your duty to provide advice and assistance and so I would expect you to contact me if you find this request unmanageable in any way.
I would be grateful if you could confirm in writing that you have received this request, and I look forward to hearing from you within the 20-working day statutory time period.
UK Highways Procurement Freedom of Information Request
The focus of this FOI request in on capital works and major highways infrastructure works NOT maintenance contracts. Please answer accordingly.
1. Using the table provided, please can you confirm:
a. Which of these highways infrastructure procurement frameworks are available to you
b. Which ones you (regularly) use
c. How many highways contracts you have procured in the last 5 years through each
d. The value of those contracts: 


Is this procurement framework open to your authority?

Please indicate if you do use / have used this procurement framework

How many highways infrastructure contracts have you procured through this framework in the last 5 years?

What was the value of those contracts (placed in the last 5 years)?


Do use it

Have used it


Show in £GBP


Highways England Collaborative Development Framework








GEN 3 - 1







GEN 3 - 2







GEN 3 - 3







Eastern Highways Alliance (EHA)







Midlands Highways Alliance (MHA)





















North East Highways Alliance/NEPO














London Highways Alliance (LHA)







South West Highway Alliance (SWHA)







Yor Civils Framework North & East







Yor Civils framework South & West







West Sussex Construction Framework







West Midlands highways and Civils Minor







Birmingham Highway & Infrastructure Framework







London TFL Surface Transport Major Projects Framework







Transport for Greater Manchester







North Yorkshire Civils Framework







Other (Please specify):









Other (Please specify):









2. Does your authority maintain its own highways infrastructure contractor framework/pre-approved supplier list?
a. If YES please state when this list is due for review

3. Does your authority partner with other authorities on Highways infrastructure procurement?  

4. Does your authority lead any procurement frameworks?
a. If YES please name them here:

5. Does your authority have a Teckal company for highways infrastructure projects?

a. If YES please name them here:

6. How many highways infrastructure projects are there in your current Transport Asset Management Plan(TAMP)/ Highways Asset Management Plan(HAMP) in each of the following value categories?
Estimate Value Number of anticipated projects to 2026 in TAMP/HAMP
Up to £5m
£100m +

7. How many highways projects are there in your current Local Transport Plan (LTP) in each of the following value categories?
Estimate Value Number of anticipated projects to 2026 in LTP
Up to £5m
£100m +

Response 05-07-2016

1. See attached table here.

2. Yes.

2a. The Moray Council does not have a list - it is a single supplier non-exclusive framework.

3. No.

4. Yes.

4a. Civil Engineering Construction Framework.

5. No.


Up to £5m - 0
£5m-25m - 0
£26m-50m - 0
£51m-99.9m - 0
£100m + - 0


Up to £5m - 0
£5m-25m - 0
£26m-50m - 0
£51m-99.9m - 0
£100m + - 0

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