FOI Request - Domestic Waste

Request 101001234446

1) Can you tell me if your local authority currently employs any staff to monitor what householders put in domestic waste/recycling bins?
2) If so can you tell me  how many members of staff you employ and what their pay-grade is?
3) Can you also tell me if any of your waste advisers/ officials visit any householders directly to discuss with them how they are managing their waste?
4) If you do, can you please supply details as to how many times you visited households in the last year?
5) Can you also tell me if your LA fines any householders for domestic waste management issues? If they do can you tell me how many fines you have issued in the last year and how much that amounts to?
6) For questions 1-6 that are applicable to your LA can you supply details for the year 2014/15.

Please note by last year I mean financial year 2015/16

Response 05-07-2016

1.  Yes, but this is only part of their remit.

2.  4 directly involved in Household waste @ G5 ( £19076 - £20942, 2014/15) £19264 - £21149

3.  Yes, they do.

4. All information is logged on our asset management database however, we are not in a position to extract this information due to the complexity.  As an indication we have approximately 3700 enquires per year with an  estimated 1800 visits form both these enquiries and direct monitoring.

5. We don't issue FPNs of this nature.

6.  The answers are the same for both years for questions 1 - 5, with the salary grades for 2014/15 shown in brackets for Q2.

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