FOI Request - Expelled Pupils from School

Request 101001237217

Please could you tell me how many high school pupils and how many primary school pupils have been expelled from schools in Moray in the last year, between July 5 2015 and July 5 2016?

What happens to a child when they are expelled from school – what is the alternative for them to complete their education?

Response 06-07-2016

No pupils have been expelled from a Moray School in the past year.

The term expelled relates to the official term 'Removal from Register' or 'Permanent Exclusion'. It is only in the very rarest of instances that this would occur. If a pupil were to be 'Removed from Register' another school would be identified and a transition would take place to prepare the pupil, and their family, for the new school. Government Legislation and Local Authority Policy provide strict guidance and timescales for this process. The process is open to appeal.

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