FOI Request - Swimming Pool Closures

Request 101001244240

I want to know how many times your pools have had to be closed in the past five years. I would like this information split into individual years and individual swimming pools.

I also want to know what the reasons were for each individual closure. I would like this information broken down to the specific facts of each individual situation rather than ‘public health’ for example.

Response 28-07-2016

The information requested is not held and is therefore exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

We do not record information on individual closures of facilities as unforeseen closures are normally for either mechanical/technical faults or water contamination. These situations are dealt with as quickly as possible in order to keep closure time to a minimum.

I can advise that closures of any of the swimming pools has been kept to a minimum over the past five years unless it is for a major upgrade such as is being undertaken at Forres at the moment.

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