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Request 101001247208

If you do not hold ward by ward count data, could you provide the raw data on leave and remain votes from the mini counts and which ballot boxes went to which mini count?

We understand there may be concerns about postal votes and we have discussed this issue with other councils. In our reporting we will take great care to recognise this and ensure nothing we do is misleading, but we are trying to collect as much raw data as possible from throughout the country.

Response 20-07-2016

As previously advised in a previous FOI request, for local administrative purposes the Moray Counting Officer did not sub-divide the count into ward level or a ‘mini count’ for the purposes of counting and the count was conducted at constituency level which is coterminous with the Moray voting area for the referendum.  Following the verification process the contents of the individual ballot boxes and postal vote ballot boxes were subsequently mixed and the mixed ballot papers were then distributed for counting in batches ranging from approx. 800 – 1050 to the count tables. Mixing of the individual ballot boxes and postal vote ballot boxes is as required under The European Union Referendum (Conduct) Regulations 2016, Regulation 46(2). The data sought in this FOI request therefore does not exist.  

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