2017 Budget Feedback

Some months back we had several weeks of conversation with you about our financial position, what you think we could do, stop doing, or do differently. We also sought ideas from you, through Facebook, email, focus groups and from our own staff via our internal suggestion scheme.

We had a lot of mail. 184 pages, 88,000 words, nearly 5,000 people taking an active part in the debate. A lot of you found the availability of different platforms and forums a useful way to share your views.

There were some great ideas, so over the next few weeks we’ll be feeding back to you on here and on Facebook. We’ll be providing answers, information and any next steps the council, our partners or you need to take to implement cost-saving changes. We’ll also tell you what ones we’ve already done, what ones we’re on the way to implementing, and if there’s a solid reason why we can’t change something.

Although we’re not re-opening the budget debate, having listened to you this next phase is about us keeping you briefed on where we’re going next. Look out for our updates on this over the coming weeks, and please share with anyone you think would be interested.

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