2017 Budget Consultation

Earlier this year we launched a conversation with you about how we bridge our looming budget gap. As long as councils are working under the current funding arrangements and until the Scottish Government find a workable alternative, we in Moray need to work together to find solutions that we can all live with.

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We have made changes to reduce annual operating costs by becoming ever more efficient in our operations. Over the last few years doing this has saved £24 million a year. Now we need to go further as efficiency savings alone will not be enough to tackle the gap in our budget. The forecast indicates that, if no action is taken, all our reserves will be used up by March 2018 and the council will face a reoccurring annual shortfall of £12.4m.

We need to redefine what we do and how we do it in order to address the lack of funding. Many of the services that the council provides are statutory, meaning we must provide them, but the way in which we do so is up to us. We may have to change the way we deliver services in order to be able to keep providing them. Other service provision is discretionary, meaning that we have the choice of how much we spend on these areas.

We want to minimise the impact on you and ensure that the changes we make meet the needs of the largest number of Moray’s people. To help us make the right decisions, it is vital that you engage with us to have an influence on what we do.

Budget 2017: a guide Our recent performance data How we compare to other Scottish councils

Statutory vs discretionary spending

View this document (PDF) to see what we spend your money on. You'll see how much we spend under each budget heading, what we have to do (statutory) and what we can decide not to continue (discretionary).

There are lots of headings, which shows how complex councils can be, but if you need anything explained further then contact us - we’re happy to help.

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