Local Government Election 2017

Candidate nominations open on Tuesday 14 March for the Local Government (Council) elections will be held on Thursday 4 May 2017 to elect ward members to Moray Council. There are 8 multi-member wards in Moray with a total of 26 councillors.

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About this election

Local Government (Council) elections are operated under the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system. Voters use numbers to mark their ballot paper ranking candidates in preferential order. More information about this - Single Transferable Vote explained

Moray Council area is covered by eight multi-member wards. Each ward has either 3 or 4 seats.

  1. Speyside Glenlivet (3 councillors)
  2. Keith and Cullen (3 councillors)
  3. Buckie (3 councillors)
  4. Fochabers Lhanbryde (3 councillors)
  5. Heldon and Laich (4 councillors)
  6. Elgin City North (3 councillors)
  7. Elgin City South (3 councillors)
  8. Forres (4 councillors)

Maps of the council's multi-member wards are available from the Local Boundary Commission for Scotland. This can be viewed using an online browser or as a downloadable PDF. Please note that new ward boundaries will be used for the election and will be in force from 4 May 2017. To see these in the Commission's map browser select "recommended maps" using the layer button on the top right of the screen.

A list of the current councillors (elected members) (2012-2017) is available here.

Prospective Candidates

A number of council web pages are available which outline the roles and responsibilities of a councillor, and look at the support available in becoming a councillor.

The Improvement Service has a website for prospective candidates which provides information about the role of a councillor, including what councillors do and what’s expected of a councillor. There are also videos and short stories of councillors from across Scotland detailing why they became a councillor, the difference they make and their advice if you are thinking of standing.

Nomination Packs and Lodging Nominations

Candidate nomination forms are available to download here (Candidate Nomination forms, PDF, 237kb)

It is strongly recommended that you contact the election office on 01343 563459 or email election.enquiries@moray.gov.uk to receive the full nomination pack which contains information on Candidate's briefings, campaign spending limits, restrictions on campaign materials, copies of ward maps and other useful information. This can be posted to your address for your use. Please advise which Ward (noted above) you are interested in standing so the correct pack can be provided.

Nominations must be lodged in person or by your election agent, by appointment with the Returning Officer from 10am on Tuesday 14 March. The deadline to lodge a candidate nomination is 4pm on Wednesday 29 March. Please phone 01343 563334 to make an appointment with the elections office.

More general information about the Local Government Elections 2017

Access to Elected Office Fund Scotland

Disabled people seeking selection and election as a candidate for local council seats will be able to apply for financial assistance from a new pilot fund for the Local Council Elections in 2017. The fund will be administered by Inclusion Scotland. For more information please see downloadable information leaflet Access to Politics for disabled people in Scotland (PDF, 548 kb) or visit http://inclusionscotland.org

Registering to Vote

If you are already registered to vote and on the electoral register in Moray then you need do nothing more. You do not need to re-register to vote. During August/September 2016 the Electoral registration Officer will write to every household and ask for confirmation of those currently registered there. You must respond to this canvass.

If you need to register to vote, update your name, address or other details on the electoral register, change your voting preferences, e.g. to vote in person or by post please visit the government's online site to https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote . Please note that you may be asked to complete further applications forms which will be sent to you to complete the full registration process.This service is an application to register to vote and your registration will be confirmed in writing to you when successful.

If you wish to speak to someone in the local office please contact the Electoral Registration Office.

Statutory Notices

  • Elections timetable (PDF, 273kb)
  • Notice of Election - (13 March 2017) (PDF, 70kb)
  • Notice of Poll ( (List of Candidates) (PDF, xxkb) Due 29 March
  • Notice of Election Agents  (PDF, xxkb) Due 29 March
  • Notice of Situation of Polling Places (PDF, xxkb) Due 29 March

Postal and proxy voting

If you are away from home or can't get to your polling station on polling day, you can apply for a postal vote, or appoint a proxy (someone you trust to vote on your behalf). 

For more information or assistance with either of these options please contact the Electoral Registration Office on 01343 541203, email elgin@grampian-ero.gov.uk or download an application form 

When will I receive my postal vote?

If you  are an existing postal voter or you successfully applied to the Electoral Registration Office for a  postal vote by 5pm on Wednesday 29 March, your postal vote pack will be dispatched first class on  Thursday 13 April. (First Issue)

If you have successfully applied to the Electoral Registration Office for a postal vote, after 5pm on Wednesday 29 March and up to and including Wednesday 5 April, your postal vote pack will be dispatched first class on Friday 14 April. (Second issue)

If  you apply for your postal vote between Thursday 6 April and the final postal vote application deadline of 5pm on  Tuesday 18 April  your postal vote will be dispatched first class on Tuesday 25 April. (Third issue)

The same dispatch dates apply across all local authorities in Scotland. Please bear in mind that over the Easter weekend 14-17 April, postal services by Royal Mail are disrupted due to bank holidays so post may be delayed. For legal, technical and security reasons, it is not possible to alter these dates or to attempt to accommodate individual circumstances, you will not be able to collect your pack from the council in advance as it is dispatched from a printing site outwith Moray.

If you are away from home and unable due to the dates above to receive your postal vote pack based on the dates above you have the options to consider appointing a proxy.

Polling Day

Seventy two polling stations will be open across Moray from 7am to 10pm on Thursday 4 May 2017. A list of the current polling places can be found on our dedicated page. This may change subject to availability prior to the election.

For this election voters use numbers to mark their ballot paper, ranking candidates in preferential order. More information about this - Single Transferable Vote explained


Due to the STV system in use at this election, the count will be conducted electronically at the Elgin Town Hall on Friday 5 May 2017 from 9am. The count is not open to the public, candidates and their appointed agents will be able to attend.


Results will be declared throughout Friday 5 May 2017 as wards are counted. Previous Council election results from 2012 and 2007 can be found here.

  1. Speyside Glenlivet
  2. Keith and Cullen 
  3. Buckie 
  4. Fochabers Lhanbryde
  5. Heldon and Laich
  6. Elgin City North
  7. Elgin City South
  8. Forres

Other Useful Information 


Electoral Registration Office
For electoral register enquiries, to register to vote, change or amend your addresses or to apply for a postal or proxy vote. Please note that the Electoral Registration Officer only deals with Electoral Register enquiries, amendments and applications to register to vote, applying for a postal or proxy vote.

Electoral Registration Officer
Grampian Valuation Joint Board
234 High Street, Elgin, IV30 1BA
Tel: 01343 541203
Email: elgin@grampian-ero.gov.uk
Web: www.votemoray.org

Monday - Thursday - 9am to 5pm, Friday - 9am to 4pm

Moray Election Office

Returning Officer - Mark Palmer
For information about: elections, dates and notices, candidate nominations, polling places, issues with postal votes not being received, spoilt or lost, ballot papers and how to vote, results or any other election related query:

Elections Office, The Moray Council, Council Office, High Street, Elgin, IV30 1BX

Elections Helpline: 01343 563334
Email: election.enquiries@moray.gov.uk
Web: www.moray.gov.uk/elections

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