Functional Assessment Consultation

Changes to how the Council will assess and award additional points for housing due to health or disability issues

The consultation is now closed. The findings of the consultation will be presented to Communities Committee in March.

We are proposing to change how we award additional points to people who have applied for housing because their house is not suitable due to their health and/or disability.

We want to make sure that:
• we respond to local housing needs;
• the way we award points is clear to all applicants, staff and other stakeholders; and  
• before we make any changes, we take your views into account.

Your feedback is an important part of making sure that we do this.

We take feedback very seriously and want to make sure that our policies take into account your views.  After the consultation we will consider all of the responses we get and use them to make recommendations to the Communities Committee on 7 March 2017.

How we currently award points

The way we currently award points is based on medical assessment criteria. This was agreed by the Council's Communities Committee in 2012. Medical applications are assessed by housing needs officers.  Points are awarded depending on the level of severity assessed. You will find more information about how we currently award points by looking at our Medical Assessment page.

Why we want to change how we award points

When NHS Grampian advised us that they could no longer provide an appeals service, they made recommendations about how we award points.  These included moving away from a medical based model.  They recommended that an Occupational Therapist should make assessments based on a health/functional assessment.  This would be in line with most other Scottish local authorities.  On 1 March 2016, Council’s Communities Committee agreed to replace the medical assessment process and move towards a functional based model.

We are consulting on the following changes:

  • A change to the way we assess applicants needs
  • Who makes the assessment
  • What criteria we will use to award points
  • Changes to our appeals process

The easiest way of completing the consultation is by accessing it online. If you prefer, you can fill in a paper copy of the questionnaire or have any questions, please contact us on  0300 123 4566.

The consultation will end on 31 January 2017.

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