Planning for Real

Planning for Real has taken place in the following locations:

  • Aberlour
  • Dufftown
  • Forres
  • Findhorn
  • Portgordon

Aberlour action plan (PDF)

Dufftown action plan (PDF)

Forres action plan (PDF)

Findhorn action plan (PDF)

Portgordon action plan (PDF)

Planning for Real has been used since the late 1970s as a means for giving local people a 'voice' and professionals a clear idea of local peoples' needs in order to bring about an improvement to their own neighbourhood or community. In recent years the Planning for Real kit has become popular in some developing countries and a modified version is under development.

Planning for Real uniquely builds around a community assembled model on which problems and improvements are identified through pictorial 'option' cards. The model and the cards have several underlying purposes: they cover the difficulties of verbal communication by providing an 'alternative currency' to words as a means of exchanging views and information. The model provides a common reference point around which to structure inputs, and allows a broader perspective of issues as well as providing a physical base for placing suggestions.

Throughout the process there is considerable awareness about the shifting relationships between the various participants and their degree of commitment. This relationship drives the process by building on informal, non-committal start which progressively strengthens the commitment around share knowledge and an emerging common purpose.

Planning for Real is particularly effective in mobilizing community support and interest. Specific projects are also identified and implemented is set in motion.

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