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Request 101001433007

My request concerns figures for the total number of recorded exclusions in schools (both primary and secondary) across the council region.
1. Can you provide figures for the past year and a breakdown of the number of exclusions each month? 2. In each case, can you please provide specific details of why these pupils were excluded, whether police had to attend, and the child's age?
3. In each case, can you specify if a pupil has been excluded more than once?
4. If possible, can you state which school they attended?
5. In any case where the explanation is a child possessing, using or supplying drugs, can you specify what types of drugs?
6. In the case of violence, what type of violence and against whom (teacher or child)?

Response 06-03-2017

Q1, 2 and 4 are available in table format HERE

Q3. Total number of pupils excluded 241
No. excluded more than once 92

Q5. No details available 

Q6. Listed in answer to Q2

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