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1. Please could you give details of work done to PPP, NPD or design and build schools in the past 18 months to the present day involving wall ties, header ties (wall head restraints), bed joint reinforcement or other significant structural issues?  Please include what work was done on what dates.
2.  Please outline any planned work to be done to PPP, NPD or design and build schools involving wall ties, header ties, bed joint reinforcement or other significant structural issues. Please include what kind of work is planned and when.
3. Please list any work carried out in schools on fire-stopping over the past two years or planned in the future, including dates.
4. What surveys have you done on schools since the start of 2016? Please specify if these were intrusive surveys or not.
5. Please specify if any of these works had any cost implications for the Council.

If you are still planning what work should be done in the light of the Report of the Independent Inquiry into the Construction of Edinburgh Schools, please let us know and we would be happy to receive detailed confirmation of that particular work at a later date.

Response 31-03-2017

IPP(Moray Schools) Ltd response

1. FES FM carry out regular programmed and reactive maintenance with respect to Elgin Academy and Keith Primary schools throughout the course of each calendar year.  These maintenance works also encompass lifecycle works which involve the replacement and/or renewal of major plant.   Together, the maintenance/lifecycle works are extensive and involve in excess of 1000 individual tasks, some of which involve the regular review of walls ties, header ties and other structural supports.   The response to question 4 below highlights the recent surveys which have been undertaken at both schools within the Moray Schools NPD and the fact that no issues of structural concern have been found. 

2. None

3. It is not possible to answer this question in respect of future work as any such work would be in response to future capital works variations. As far as IPP (Moray) Ltd is reasonably aware, its subcontractors have carried out their obligations with regard to fire-stopping continuously throughout this period.

4. IPP (Moray) Ltd engaged an independent consultant to carry out intrusive surveys to ascertain structural integrity following the media attention around the Edinburgh schools project.  The surveys found no immediate cause for concern or health and safety issues.

5. None

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