FOI Request Environmental Protection Act Enforcement

Request 101001467407

Environmental Protection Act 1990 - S80, S90 & S92

We would be obliged if you can provide us with the following details in regards to notices/Orders that have been made by Moray Council under the legislation listed above:

•Notices or Orders that remain extant as at 28th March 2017

•Notices or Orders that have been complied with and have monies owed to Moray Council as at 28th March 2017

•Notices or Orders that have invoices pending in respect of works carried out by or on behalf of Moray Council to resolve the matter as at 28th March 2017

If it is not possible for the details of outstanding monies to be confirmed we would be obliged if you can provide us with the following details:

•All notices served or orders made by Moray Council from 13th September 2016 to 28th March 2017 under the legislation listed above

When answering in the negative to any of the above, we would be obliged if you would confirm that you are doing so.

Wherever possible we would be grateful if the information could be prepared to include the following:

•?reference numbers.
•?addresses of the subjects the actions are served over.
•?summary descriptions of the nature of the works/contravention.
•?relevant dates.
•?status of the action.
•?amounts owed to the council (when available).

Response 03-04-2017

This information is exempt under Section 25(2)a of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, information otherwise accessible. This information is available by making an application for a Property Enquiry certificate (PEC)  Here

Updated Response 02-06-2017

The Environmental Health Section has issued one notice of the types referred to in this request between 13.9.16 and 28.3.17:

  • Ref Number: 17/00013/EPAN;
  • Address of subject: 17, West Church Street, Buckie AB56 1BN;
  • The wooden fire escape at the rear of the property was in a state of disrepair and affected by rot and required to be replaced in order to provide a safe means of escape from the property in the event of an emergency. Notice issued under Section 80 of the Act in respect of a statutory nuisance in terms of Section 79(1)(a) of the Act;
  • Notice issued on 2.3.17 and expired on 25.5.17:
  • The action is currently still ongoing; and
  • No monies are due at this stage.

There were no monies owed or invoices pending on 28.3.17.

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