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Review of FOI 101001445032 Money Advice Services

I am not satisfied with the response recieved, and would like a review to be conducted.  I requested that an Excel file be completed, and that has not been fulfilled.  Secondly, The file also included a field for total verified financial gain, and this has not been provided at the webpage supplied.

Response 11-04-2017

Following your request for a review of our response to the FOI you submitted, 101001445032, a review meeting was held at the council offices on April 10th 2017. In attendance were the Records and Heritage Manager, Senior Solicitor, Trading Standards Manager and Information Coordinator.

The handling of this FOI request was discussed and please accept our apolgies for the omission of part of the information requested. The omission was due to human error and has since been provided; it has been published on the original request available at

Regarding formatting of FOI responses; all of our FOI requests are published on the Moray Council website with attachments (where applicable) available in PDF. In this instance the information has now been provided back to yourself in the desired format as initially requested, however, to remain consistent in our approach it has been published as a PDF on our website. We aim to provide information in its original format, as far as is practicable, to control the cost of information collation, which can become time consuming and excessive.

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