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I seek the following information about the public health funerals your organisation has paid for in the last financial year (2016/17).

1. How many of these funerals did you arrange in the last financial year?
2. Would you list all funerals with the following details for each: the date, whether the body was buried or cremated, whether a funeral service was held, the total cost (including all disbursements such as crematorium fees and burial plots, even if these are owned by you. And excluding any offset of monies recovered from the estates of the deceased), and the funeral director used. I do not require any personal information such as name or date of birth of the deceased.
3. How were the funerals providers found - on a case-by-case basis or part of a tendered contract?
4. If part of a tendered contract, when did the contract begin and when is it scheduled to be renewed?

Response 19-04-2017

  1. In the financial year 2016-17, a total of three funerals were arranged by the Environmental Health Section in terms of the National Assistance Act 1948.
  2. The funerals were held on the following dates: 21.6.16; 22.6.16 and; 10.8.16. All three funerals were burials and funeral services were held for them all. The total costs, excluding the money recovered from the deceased persons' estates, were as follows: £1905.20; £1386.00 and; £1608.93 (giving a total cost of £4900.13). All funerals were arranged through Graham J Rattray Funeral Directors Ltd, Allanfern, Stotfield Road, Lossiemouth IV30 6QR.
  3. The funeral provider was by means of a tendered contract procedure.
  4. The current contract commenced on 1.4.15 and is scheduled to end on 31.3.18.

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