FOI Request Council Tax Reduction Scheme

Request 101001475845

With regard to the Council Tax Reduction Scheme, I am looking to find out the number of households in your council area who have (a) applied for and (b) been awarded or (c) refused Council Tax Reduction because the changes to the scheme which came in on 1 April 2017 under what is known as the "Low Income Household Exemption", i.e. for those people in bands E-H and on a low income.

These are people who have gained eligibility only from 1 April 2017 based on The Council Tax Reduction (Scotland) Amendment (No. 2) Regulations 2016 the

They may have applied for their new entitlement earlier than the 1 April 2017.

I appreciate that you may not be able to break the data of the number of applications, awarded, and refused, however if the information can detail how many have been awarded at the date of this email (or the date a report is extracted) that would be appreciated.

Response 18-04-2017

  a) applied (or claimed) b) awarded c) refused Total
Number of households 2 2 0 2

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