FOI Request - Household Waste Recycling Centres

Request 101001480561

FOI Request: please EXCLUDE any charges for trade/commercial waste for this whole FOI. I am looking for charges applicable to residents not businesses.

1) Please detail what charges there are, if any, at your Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC)?

2) Please state when charges were introduced and whether they have increased or decreased from their introduction to date.

3) Please provide a copy of the minutes of the meeting where it was decided to introduce charges, if your authority has done so.

4) Please state the total income generated by your local authority from any charges in the following financial years:

i) 2013/14
ii) 2014/15
iii) 2015/16
iv) 2016/17

5) Please state whether opening hours at your HWRC’s have been reduced in the past financial year.

Response 19-04-2017

1. The Moray Council do not charge.

2. N/A.

3. N/A.

4. N/A.

5. No change to hours.

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