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1. Can you please advise me in what circumstances it is acceptable to have a child in a room on their own with the door either locked or a staff member holding the door closed, preventing the child leaving the room in Moray Council schools?
2. Can you please provide me with policy, procedures and best practice which Moray Council follow when using seclusion in schools?
3. Who is responsible in each school for collecting data on the use of seclusion in schools?
4. Who is responsible in Moray Council for collecting data on the use of seclusion in Moray schools?
5. What reports require to be completed when seclusion is used?
6. Who is informed when seclusion is used?
7. What feedback has been collected from children/young people and their parents/carers/guardians who have been secluded as to whether or not they felt it had a positive affect on behaviour, mental health and self esteem?

Response 22-05-2017

1. It is acceptable when a specific strategy is required to meet the needs of a specific child. This would be an agreed approach by the Team Around the Child or as a Safeguarding Measure as a response to a specific incident.

2. Practice is part of Staged Intervention Process and links to Moray GIRFEC Pathway. GIRFEC Information available online at:

3. Head Teacher

4. Not recorded as such.

5. Examples would include Child's Plan, CSP, IEP, Incident Report Forms, Exclusion Reports.

6. Team around the child including the parent/carer should be aware. Further discussion takes place with central officers, educational psychologist, ESBN Head Teacher etc as appropriate.

7. Reviews at Child Planning meetings, IEP Reviews, Parental meetings with school etc.

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