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Please supply the following information:

1. What is the total income from car parking ticket machines at car parks which fall under your authority?

2. How much of that income was derived from ‘over paying’ sometimes called ‘over vending’?
To be clear, this happens when - for example - a person parking in a car park seeks to pay for an hours parking which may cost £1.50 but they only have a £2.00 coin and the machine does not offer change.  

3. Approximately how many car parking ticket machines do you have in total?  

4. What is the hourly charge on the majority of your car parking ticket machines?

Please supply this information for the last financial year 2016/17

If costs permit please supply the same information for the previous 3 financial years:


In the order above until the cost limit is reached.

Response 03-05-2017


1. Annual income from car park machines    

 2013/14   £650,563.08     2014/15    £646,848.64         2015/16  £645,654.03       2016/17  £631,358.68

2. 'Over paying' is not recorded, however due to the charging regime (below) it is expected to be relatively low

3. 44 car park machines in 12 car parks, 2 of which are multi storey car parks

4. Charging regime    Up to 2 hours     £1.00     Up to 4 hours     £2.00     Up to 10 hours  £4.00

     (this charging regime has been in operation since December 2012)

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