FOI Request Gender Neutral Schools

Request 101001506123

Could you please detail the number of schools in your remit that have introduced any gender neutral policies in the past 3 years? This can include:
-Permission for boys and girls to wear same uniform, eg trousers/skirts
-Unisex toilets
-Trialling gender neutral pronouns
- (and any others that fit the criteria)

-Have the schools received any complaints from parents and if so, how many complaints per school?.

-Could you please breakdown the results by primary and secondary schools ?

-How many schools in total fall under your remit, primary and secondary?

If possible, please identify the names of the schools in question.

Response 05-06-2017

Response compiled from information returned from schools is as follows:

Gender Neutral Policies - Schools which have indicated specific polices or arrangements are noted below.

Anderson’s Primary
  • Gender neutral DYW language used and tackle gender stereotypes
Bishopmill Primary
  • We wrote a transgender policy for our school; We line up in mixed sex lines; We allow trousers/shorts/skirts
  • Next step to re-organise sports to allow for mixed sex races.
Cullen Primary
  • No policy as yet but children ask about ways to line up which are gender neutral. Will be reviewed as part of next year’s service improvement plan.
  • Disabled toilet used by both. Staff use both. Children have separate toilets. Permission for all children to wear trousers.
Dyke Primary
  • All policies are gender neutral.
Keith Primary
  • Uniform is very generic.
  • Unisex toilets would be available for anyone who requested.
Linkwood Primary
  • Unisex toilets created as part of refurbishment but won’t be available until after the summer. This was a decision taken by architects.
Millbank Primary
  • One unisex toilet in the school, one unisex toilet in the nursery and one unisex toilet in the ASN building.
St Gerardine Primary
  • Unisex toilets for nursery, P1 and P2.
Forres Academy
  • Our policies take into account possible issues around being gender neutral, eg our uniform policy allows trousers and skirts.
Lossiemouth High School
  • Gender neutral toilet facilities available.


Complaints - No complaints have been received by any of the schools in the authority

Total Number of Schools - Secondary x 8; Primary x 47

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