FOI Request Telecare and Community Equipment

Request 101001506234

would like to request the following information in relation to all Telecare and Community Equipment Services, held by you.

1 Details of all current contracts you have, including the name, address and contact details  of the service provider;
2 The renewal  date of the contract;
3 Start date of the contract;
4 Value of the contract;
5 Spend on telecare for previous financial year 2016---17;
6 Spend on community equipment for previous financial year 2016---17;
7 Number of citizens receiving a telecare service funded by the local authority;
8 Commissioning officer name, email address and phone number;

I would prefer to receive these documents in electronic format at the email address below, however, I  am happy to receive them by post if that is more convenient.

Response 07-06-2017

1. We do not have a contract- we use the Scotland Excel Telecare Framework

2 1/1/2019

3 1/1/2015

4 N/A

5 £59,064

6 £349,623.89

7 1331

8  Payments Manager Diane Beattie,  Moray Council, High Street, Elgin. 01343 543451 diane.

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