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1. Which private companies did you hire to provide ‘home care’ services in your council area over the last financial year (2016-2017)?
2. Can you tell me how much money was paid to each private company to carry out these ‘home care’ services over the last financial year (2016-2017)?
3. Can I have a list of the private companies your council hired to provide ‘home care’ services in your council area for each of the three years prior to this?
-          Can I have the lump sum spent on ‘home care’ services for each of these three financial years? Individual spending is not being requested here – just the total.

Note: this is not referring to care homes – only ‘home care’, where workers go into people’s homes to provide care for them.

Response 02-06-2017 

1. Providers are listed alphabetically:







2. Amounts paid are listed numerically:







3.For private companies hire for previous 3 years please see above. 

2014 - 15              £2,503,349

2015-16                £2,962,791

2016-17                £1,683,768

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