FOI Request Planning Permissions Agreed on Developments of More Than 10 Dwellings

Request 101001509630

Please provide the following information for planning permissions agreed on developments of more than 10 dwellings in the financial years 2009-10 to 2016-17, or up to the latest year for which information is available.

a) The planning application reference number
b) Financial year in which planning permission was agreed
c) Whether the application was for a site specifically allocated for residential development in the Local Plan
d) The total number of homes permitted
e) The total number of affordable homes permitted
f) The split of affordable homes between: 1) shared ownership / other low cost homeownership; and 2) affordable / social rent
g) The value (or best estimate of value) of financial contributions payable under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act
h) Whether S106 contributions were reduced on viability grounds during the application stage
i) Whether S106 contributions were later reduced through a deed of variation or any statutory power or procedure

Response 16-06-2017

a-g) - Please see three spreadsheets which cover these questions  HERE     HERE      HERE


h) – The developments 15/02020/APP Driving Range, 15/02032/APP Linkwood and 16/00743/APP Ferrylea were subject to a reduced developer contribution in relation to viability. It is worth noting that any viability reduced developer obligation would not have affected the total of affordable or accessible housing which was provided in full for the developments named as above (as these a specific policy requirements for any residential development).


i) – There have been no legal agreements reduced through a deed of variation or equivalent process.

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