FOI Request Winter Maintenance Operation and Management

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My request relates to the management of the Winter Maintenance Operation(Gritting/Snowploughing)

1. Please can I have the contact details for the tiers of management that the Winter Maintenance Operation would fall under. Starting from the Chief Executive and working down through various tiers of management, including any Corporate Directors of Department, Heads of Service, and Senior Management.

Can I please have the following information:-

* Name
* Email Address
* Postal Address

2. I would also like to know if the highway gritting is carried out in-house or if it is done by a highways contractor, if this is the case can you please let me know which company this is? And when the current contract has run from and will expire on? And whether the gritting equipment used by the contractor is council sourced or if it is left to the highways contractor to source the equipment?

Response 05-06-2017

1.Roddy Burns

Chief Executive

Rhona Gunn

Corporate Director Economic Development, Planning and Infrastructure

Stephen Cooper

Head of Direct Services

The Moray Council

High Street


IV30 1BX

2. Our winter maintenance service is provided in-house.

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