FOI Request Traveller Removal

Request 101001511298

I'm looking into the cost of travellers' unauthorised encampments and the process of moving them on.

Could you provide information on the number of times you have moved travellers on, how long it takes, as well as the costs of moving them on.

Could you provide this in table form for the past three financial years, or up until the most recent date that you hold records to. If it is possible, I would like this part of the response in table form.

I would like the date you were alerted to each incident in the first row.

Could you then provide corresponding rows for:
• length of time it took to move the travellers on
• cost in legal fees - to obtain and deliver directions to leave to travellers, and to obtain court date and summons to evict them
• cost of booking bailiffs and paying bailiffs to remove travellers
• cost of clean up after removal
• cost of target hardening/ improving defences to prevent travellers returning
• any additional costs
Could you also total the costs for each year and give the average number of time it took to move travellers on each year.

If this format is not appropriate for the manner in which you keep records, please respond as you deem fit.

Response 14-06-2017

Over the last 3 years we have only had involvement with removing travellers from a site.  However, we were not moving the travellers on we were only clearing the site of the travellers left goods at Cottagewood, Keith, due to the contamination of the land.  

The request to remove the travellers goods was issued to legal in May 2015. The eviction took place in October 2015. The fee was £1310.40, this included the haulage and disposal of 3 caravans and a horse box.

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