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1. How many  cars in your council area have been removed for destruction or any other purpose in 2016/17 so far?
2. Could you also tell me what reasons were given for the cars being removed eg. they were abandoned.
Could you give these figures for the past five years
3. I would also like to know how many were taken away on time, after the notice that the car was going to be removed was issued? If they were late, can you tell me how many were late and how many days late they were?
4. How much money did the council spend on removing these cars in each of the years
5. Where do these cars go?
6. Does the council recoup any of this money – for example through scrapping the cars?
7. If the council does recoup some of this money, can you tell me how much they have recouped in each of the last five years please?

Response 06-06-2017

1. 2012/13 - 2         

2013/14 - 10

2014/15 - 6

2015/16 - 23

2016/17 – 70

2. All vehicles were abandoned

3. All vehicles were removed on time

4. The cars are destroyed in accordance with DVLA scrapping procedures. 

2012/13 - £0        

2013/14 - £0

2014/15 - £135

2015/16 - £304.07

2016/17 – £500.98

These charges are for physical removal of the vehicle and do not include staff time to investigate and administer enquiries.  Such a figure is not available therfore it would be exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002- Information Not Held. 

6. Moray Council will only consider a recharge to recoup expenditure where the contractor has actually charged the Council.  An attempt to recoup a charge will be made only when an attributable person can be identified.  Statutory charges are laid out in legislation, although the Council may not necessarily charge the full amount of the statutory charge.

7. 2014/15 - £250.    All other years £0.

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