FOI Req: Letterbox Contact

Request 101001534254

This Freedom of Information request relates to post adoption letterbox contact.

1) In the last 12 months how many exchanges of letters has Moray Council dealt with?
2) Of those that you have dealt with, how many have required further social work intervention and birth parent support?

For clarity:
question 1: I am happy to accept Exchange agreements but please state if that is the term you are using. Exchanges can include number of pieces of correspondence to the letterbox team.
question 2: Social work intervention can be anything from a referral due to the content of the letterbox content or to words of advice about writing an email either for birth parents or adoptive parents.

Response 27-06-2017


36 arrangements of which 32 happen once per year and 4 happen twice per year.

56 separate receivers of letters within birth families.

10 birth families and 8 adoptive families received advice or were contacted by the letterbox co- coordinator over and above the normal contact involved in the arrangement either by phone/email or face to face contact.



From January to June.

20 arrangements were in place from January to June although some have closed within this time due to adoptive families stating that they no longer participating in the arrangement.

6 birth families have had additional support and 8 adoptive families. Birth family support has included face to face support. Adoptive families have been supported through email and telephone only.

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