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1) Waste and recycling schedules for all properties, organised by address and postcode. Please include day of the week and collection frequency (weekly, fortnightly etc) for each service type. I request that all data is provided in CSV format, ideally with separate columns for the different parts of the address. A link to a web service does not meet my requirements. Please include the UPRN for each property if held. This is now permitted by the AddressBase licence. See for details.
For an example of a suitable spreadsheet, see here:
Variants are acceptable if they contain the requested data. Separate spreadsheets for each waste or recycling type are also fine.
2) For schedules that are not weekly, details of how to work out which week a collection will fall. For example, if a "Week 1/week 2" system is used, then please provide an example of a date in week 1 and a date in week 2. For example "2nd January 2017 was in Recycling Week 1"
3) Details of all alterations to regular schedules for bank holidays etc. Please provide this for all future dates in 2017 and 2018, if available. For example, see this spreadsheet:
4) Details of any planned changes to these schedules.

Please also treat this as a request for re-use of the dataset under RPSI. Please can you grant permission for reuse, ideally under the Open Government Licence. My planned use is to transform the data into a standard format, and aggregate it with the data from other authorities. I will then release it under an open licence to enable the development of useful services to encourage recycling, such as chatbots and voice tools to find upcoming recycling days.

Response 17-08-2017

1-3. Please find below (and supplied directly in CSV format) the information requested. We are unable to provide the UPRN as our system does not hold it. 

Recycling Waste Collection Days     Residual Waste Collection Days     Biowaste Collection Days    

4. None

This address information in the above spreadsheets is subject to copyright and is licensed to us. In this case the copyright holder for the addresses is Ordnance Survey.  This information should not be used in any way beyond that allowed by “fair Dealing” under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (CDPA) 1988. You are free to use any information supplied for your own use, including non-commercial research purposes. The information may also be used for the purposes of news reporting.  However, any other type of reuse, for example, by publishing the information or issuing copies to the public will require the permission of the copyright holder.We understand that Ordnance Survey offer licenses for the use of their information.

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