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Working at elections

During election or referendums, the election office, on behalf of the Returning Officer, employ staff to work with us including;

  • Polling Clerks and Presiding Officers at polling stations
  • Enumerators / Counting Assistants at count
  • Assistants to assist with opening and processing of postal votes

Polling Clerks and Presiding Officers

These staff are employed to carry out duties at polling stations across Moray. Staff are responsible for making sure that the proper procedure for issuing ballot papers and voting is followed in polling stations.  Polling Clerks assist the Presiding Officer who oversees the polling station. To become a Presiding Officer you must have previously have experience as a polling clerk.

On polling day, staff are required to work from approx. 6.30am until 10:15pm without leaving the polling place. Staff are required to attend a one hour training session in Elgin a few weeks before the poll, usually in held at lunchtime or early evening. Staff are provided with a procedural guidance handbook and other material.

Count staff (Manual)

Staff are employed to assist in manually counting the votes on ballot papers as enumerators and count supervisors. This role requires high levels of concentration and accuracy. Staff may be required to stand for long periods of time, work under pressure and typically work through the night from 9:30pm onwards usually in Elgin.
Other auxiliary roles are also available at the count assisting with the incoming polling station equipment and ballot boxes, checking and sorting under the direction of experience supervisors.

eCount Staff (Local Goverment 2022 only)

Staff are employed to assist in the operation of the electronic counting of the ballot papers. Roles include PC operators, verification and adjudication assistants, and scanner operators which require use of scanners and computers. In addition there will be more manual roles including ballot paper runners and team supervisors.

Staff will typically work through the day from 9am onwards, the day after polling day, in Elgin.

Full training will be provided, which will be at least two day sessions, one a full months in advance of the election, in Aberdeen (transport provided) and another session in the week of the election.

Postal vote staff

Staff are employed to assist with the daily opening and processing of returned postal votes in the fortnight leading up to polling day. This work takes place at Council HQ, Elgin from 9:30am throughout the day, typically for 4-5 hours once the daily delivery is received. Some posts are manual and some posts require the ability to use a scanner and computer. Full training will be given.


  • You must be at least 18 years of age to work with the election office at the polling station and the count, and from 16 to work in postal vote processing.
  • Election staff cannot work on behalf of a candidate during an election campaign, nor be related to a prospective candidate. Similarly election staff cannot work on behalf of a referendum campaign.
  • Only individuals who have the right to work in the UK are eligible to work at elections. Proof of right to work will be required.
  • Election staff will be required to sign up to the statutory 'Requirement for Secrecy' preserving the secrecy of the vote when they are appointed.

Rates of pay

The rates of pay for election staff vary depending on the job role and the type of poll. All fees are subject to tax and will be reviewed annually. Mileage allowance will be paid on applicable posts.

e.g in 2019

  • a polling clerk fee was £160.00 
  • enumerator fee was £125.00, 
  • postal vote staff are paid an hourly rate starting at £9.30 per hr, varies with role

How to apply

If you’d like to be considered for work at future elections, would like more information or an application form; 

  • please contact the election helpline on 01343 563334 and give your details to the contact centre staff or ask to speak with the Elections Officer
  • or email with your name and postal address and any other relevant information

Please note that submitting an application form is not a guarantee of employment, we will keep your details on file and contact you before the next scheduled election. Where polls are scheduled we will contact you 4-5 months in advance to canvass staff to ask if you wish to work at the forthcoming elections, usually held in May or June. If a poll is called we will allocate staff to vacancies appropriate to their location and preferred role.

Information on forthcoming elections can be found here. By-elections, referendums or snap general elections may occur at any time.

Data Protection

The election office provide a number of services to a range of people and in some cases these rely on us collecting and using information about individuals. Everything we do with that information has to comply with data protection legislation. Below follows  information on our data protection practices through a series of privacy notice relevant to a number of parties.These notices are used to inform you of details about the information we collect, why we collect it, what we use it for, who we share it with, and what rights you have about the information we hold about you.

Privacy Notice - Temporary election staff (PDF, 207kB)

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