Budget 2018

We’re working on balancing the budget for 2018-19 and beyond and, like we said last year, given the financial challenges we’re currently facing there are some tough decisions that will have to be taken to help us make the £15 million savings required by the end of 2018-19.

As long as councils are working under the current funding arrangements and until the Scottish Government find a workable alternative, we in Moray need to work together to find solutions that we can all live with.

We’ve made changes to reduce our annual operating costs and over the last eight years doing this has cut our annual costs by £35 million. We are now one of the leanest councils in Scotland. However, we need to go further as these efficiency savings alone will never be enough to bridge the gap between what it costs to deliver services and what we have to spend on them.

The current forecast indicates that, if no action is taken to operate within our income, all our reserves will be used up by March 2019 to prop up services and the council will face a reoccurring annual shortfall of £23 million.

We want to minimise the impact on you and make sure that the changes we make meet the needs of the largest number of Moray residents. To help us make the right decisions, we need you to talk to us and have an influence on what we do.

So work with us, tells us what service you think needs to be preserved at all costs and what doesn’t. We’ve put together a guide to the budget for 2018-19, which contains some info on what councils do, the national picture and our situation, and some of the proposals councillors will be discussing before the budget is set in February.

Budget 2018: a guide (PDF)  Our recent performance data (PDF)  COSLA'S Scottish overview (PDF) Story so Far (PDF)

Have YOUR say on Budget 2018

We’re taking your comments now, but please have all feedback to us by midnight on 14 January to allow it to be collated and made available to councillors before the budget is set in February.

The online interactive survey on the budget proposals is now available. Follow the link to access the survey. 

If you want to help influence the council's spending priorities for 2019, please complete the survey at this link:


It will assist councillors to know what's important to you.



If you would prefer to print off a copy, please download this printable version. You can either post this in or hand it in at one of our Access Points.The address for posting can be found below.

Email BudgetConsultation@moray.gov.uk with your comments and suggestions.

Tweet us (@TheMorayCouncil) or join our new Facebook group (Moray Council: Budget 2018) to keep up to date on developments and tell us what you think about proposals.

Your local councillor will also be available to answer any queries you may have – find their contact details.

Or, if you want to write to us, please address your letter to: 

Budget 2018
Room 207
Moray Council HQ
IV30 1BX


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