FOI Request Unregistered Schools

Request 101001692183

please can you provide me with:

All reports of, and supporting documents or files regarding, safeguarding concerns in unregistered schools since January 1st 2014.
Please detail
a/ the nature of the safeguarding concern (e.g. sexual abuse, sexual abuse non-referral, corporal punishment, neglect etc.),
b/ the month and year it was received,
c/ the name and address of the premises,
d/ the type of person reporting (e.g. member of public, Fire Service, parent etc.,
e/ and the outcome of the report (i.e. investigation launched, school closure, flagged to Ofsted or DfE etc.).
This includes emails from other bodies and agencies such as the police, written concerns raised by whistleblowers, and any notes the council produced themselves regarding the incident.

Please also provide any correspondence the authority has had with Ofsted and the Department for Education as a result of concerns raised.

Response 04-01-2018

Moray Council is not aware of any unregistered schools in its area.

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