Membership of the Moray Integration Joint Board

Membership of the Moray Integration Joint Board complies with regulations issued by the Scottish Government.

Membership as at June 2017: 

Statutory voting members

Christine Lester (Chair)

Non-Executive NHS Board Member


Councillor Frank Brown Moray Council
Councillor Claire Feaver Moray Council
Councillor Shona Morrison Moray Council
Dame Anne Begg Non-Executive NHS Board Member
Amanda Croft Executive NHS Board Member

Statutory non-voting members

Pam Gowans Chief Officer, Health & Social Care Integration
Susan McLaren Chief Social Work Officer, Moray Council
Margaret Wilson Chief Financial Officer  (S95 Officer), Moray Council
Dr Graham Taylor Registered Medical Practitioner (Primary Medical Services)
Dr Lewis Walker Registered Medical Practitioner (Primary Medical Services)
Dr Ann Hodges Registered Medical Practitioner (Non Primary Medical Services
Linda Harper Lead Nurse, NHS Grampian
Steven Lindsay NHS Grampian Staff Partnership Representative
Fabio Villani Chief Officer, tsiMoray
Val Thatcher Patient representative (Public Partnership Forum)
Ivan Augustus Carer representative
Tony Donaghey UNISON, Moray Council

Co-opted members

Jane Mackie Head of Service for Adult Health and Social Care
Sean Coady Head of Primary Care, Specialist Health Improvement and NHS Community Children’s Services

Substitute voting members - Moray Council

Councillor Tim Eagle Moray Council
Councillor Marc McRae Moray Council
Councillor David Bremner Moray Council
Councillor Ray McLean Moray Council

At its meeting on 30 June 2016, the Moray Integration Joint Board agreed to adopt a Code of Conduct for all members. This has been approved by the Scottish Government.

View Code of Conduct (PDF)

Making a complaint

Our guide to making a complaint against a member of the Board (PDF) explains the process and stages involved.

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