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Please outline what steps the Council is taking to ensure its commissioning is compliant with the Scottish Government’s ‘Fair Work Framework’.

What, if any, weighting is given to Fair Work standards when scoring tenders for commissioned services?

What factors do commissioners use to assess providers according to Fair Work standards? (E.g. compliance with Scottish Living Wage basic rate, recognition of trade unions for collective bargaining, no use of zero hours contracts, etc.)

If providers are later shown to be in breach of Fair Work standards, what are the consequences?

Please give a schedule of the relevant documents used in answering these questions.  

Response 30-01-2018

The Council's procurement procedures includes a requirement to collate any potential tendered provider's approach to Fair Work - this includes the attached questions.

In order to avoid any discrimination Fair work responses are not normally scored.  However should a tender require such an action it will be considered. 

Please find attached HERE the questions raised at Tendering of suppliers for Fair Word and Scottish Living Wage 

After the tenders for these contracts have been agreed the contracts are currently not being enforced/audited regarding  the implementation of  the Living Wage and  the Fair Work framework, this is the current practice and any contract that highlights a continued improvement by the supplier/provider will be monitored


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