FOI Request Cyber Attacks and Hacking

Request 101001719428

Please provide me with information relating to hacking/ cyber-attacks/ DDos etc. over 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18 to date.

a) How many times has a council website been the victim of an attempted cyber-attack in each of the financial years listed above and when did each take place?
b) Were any of these attempts successful?
a. If so, when did this take place, what was targeted and what was the outcome?
b. Please also detail any data which was lost.
c) How many times have other council digital services/ networks been impacted by cyber-attacks?
a. What was the attempted target – public Wi-Fi, etc.
b. Were any attempts successful and, if so, please detail what was affected, when this happened and what the outcomes were.
d) Did any of the instances in b) or c) require additional spending, such as on outside tech consultants, specialist software etc?
a. Please detail which incidents led to the additional spending, what was bought and how much was paid for each.

Response 08-02-2018

a) None

b)-d) Not applicable

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