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I’m interested in understanding how local residents are interacting with their local council, and would like to submit an FOI request for the following data in .xls format:  
1)       Breakdown of volumes of contact (15/16 and 16/17) for the following channels:
•         Face to face
•         Telephone
•         Web
2)       For 2016/17, please provide a breakdown of contact by the following type of transaction:
•         Application – e.g. applying for services or career opportunities;
•         Payments – e.g. paying for a range of fees, fines or taxes;
•         Tracking – e.g. monitoring progress service requests and applications;
•         Booking and reservations – e.g. making appointments with the council, and booking items and events;
•         Renewals – e.g. renewing items like permits and licences;
•         Reporting – e.g. notifying the council of problems and issues that need addressing;
•         Finding information – e.g. locating and requesting information on local services and tourism.
3)       For 2016/17, breakdown of telephone enquiries by your services or service areas (e.g. revenues and benefits, parking, housing, planning etc).
I understand that this type of statistic is widely captured by local authorities, but if you are not able to provide a breakdown to match the above, I’m more than happy to receive your standard breakdown of contact data.

Response 13-02-2018

1. Contact made to Customer Service (this does not include non recorded direct contact to the Service)

  Face to Face Telephone Email
2015/2016 53572 151636 50734
2016/2017 84689 144948 62582

2.In accordance with Section 17 the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, we can confirm that this information is not held in a manner to provide the level of detail requested.

3.2016 Telephone Enquiries  to Customer Service by Service

Service Calls
Revenues (Benefits, CTAX,SWF,IMT) 38177
Housing (including Estates) 60533
Waste 9480
Roads & Transport    16202
Development & Planning 15022
Legal & Committee 2934
Human Resources 1344
All other (Unspecified Service) 1256

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