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I would like to request how many statues and memorials of women there are in your area. Also, are there any future plans to commemorate women from or with a connection to Moray?

Response 09-02-2018

While we do not hold a definitive list we are aware of the following:

  • There is one at Clochan  to the Women's Land Army on Crown Estate land.
  • Elgin War memorial on the High Street has a statue of a female representing Peace and Victory.
  • There are memorial plaques to witches on Victoria Road, Forres at the Police Station.
  • The Order Pot Stone in Elgin commemorates the witches that were drowned at the pool there.
  • Jean Carr's stone has a plaque on Forest Enterprise land in the Ordiquish wood, Fochabers
  • Memorial Stone to Mary McCallum Webster within the Forest Enterprise Wood at Culbin.
  • The post box on Clifton Road, Lossiemouth has a plaque to Olympian Heather Stanning.
  • Alice Littler Park, Aberlour has a memorial stone to Alice Littler.
  • The Duchess Monument near the summit of whiteash hill, Fochabers dedicated to Frances Harriet, Duchess of Richmond.
  • The Baxter memorial garden overlooking the River Spey in Fochabers has a number of plaques and contained on them are Ethelreda Adam Baxter and Jane Maxwell, Duchess of Gordon.
  • St Rufus park, Keith has a number of memorial plaques including Isobel Smith, Alice Forbes and Mary Livesey Forbes.
  • The shelter in the bandstand gardens, Church Road, Keith has a plaque to Ethel Doris McConnachie.
  • This does not include the war memorials at Keith, Aberlour and New Elgin that contain the names of women who died in WW1 and WW2.
  • There is also a memorial to Meg Farquhar in James Square, Lossiemouth

The above list does not include:

  • Street names in memory of women e.g. Duncan Drive and Ewing Howe in Elgin and McRobert's Reply in Lossiemouth to name but a few.
  • Churches commemorating women e.g. St Margaret's in Aberlour and Lossiemouth or stained glass church windows or church organs of which there are a few.
  • Women who are listed on private memorials in places like post offices, rail way stations, sports clubs etc.

There are currently no pending plans.

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