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1. Do you provide adult and childcare support in your area?
2. Do you work with a Support Organisation for the provision of direct payments?
3. If yes, which Support Organisation do you work with?
4. How many direct payment recipients are there in your local authority?
5. Of the direct payment recipients, how many of these employ a carer?
6. For recipients of direct payments, how do they buy insurance cover – do you provide a panel of insurers they can choose from or do you recommend a specific insurance company?
7. Do you advise direct payment recipients on how much they should spend on insurance?
8. Is there a payment cap in place for insurance policies for care provision?  
9. Do you operate a block insurance policy for your direct payment recipients?
10. How do you select your insurance provider for your service users? (Please rank from 1 – 3 in order of importance with 1 being the most important)
• Cheapest price
• HR advice and support for customers
• Ease of processing customer information
11. Who, in your local authority, oversees the provision of direct payments and insurance for your service users?

Response 26-01-2018

1.  Both adult services (across all client groups) and Children’s Service (Learning Disabilities) deliver support through SDS , and the four options within this.

2. Moray Council deliver support for the provision of Direct Payments in house through the SDS Team where there are dedicated Direct Payment Co-ordinators.

3. N/A

4. There are approximately 210 Direct Payment recipients across Children and Adult’s services, including those who have received one-off Direct Payments in the last year.

5. At this moment in time there are approximately 170 individuals who use their Direct Payment to employ PA’s across both services.

6. Moray Council recommend a specific insurance company using their full cover to ensure that employers have employment law advice also.

7.  This is in line with the recommended insurance company. We provide the cost of the insurance as part of the start-up costs for the recommended insurance company. All future renewals are included within the on-going Direct Payment.

8. This is in line with the recommend insurance company and cover level.

9. No as the policies are for the individuals and is thus their insurance policy, not the local authorities.

10. We do not recommend taking out the cheaper, basic cover of insurance, but provide funding for the full cover to ensure there is sufficient cover for employment law support.

11. This provision is delivered through the SDS Team at Moray Council.

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