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1. How many prosecutions has the local authority brought under section 3 of the Prevention of Housing Fraud Act 2013 in the following financial years:

a) 2013/14
b) 2015/16
c) 2016/17
d) 2017/18

2. How many of these prosecutions resulted in the defendants being found guilty? Please break this figure down by the financial years above

3. How much money has the local authority received in unlawful profit orders under section 4 of the same Act?  Please break this figure down by the financial years above

4. If possible please provide an estimate, broken down by the financial years above, or the money gained unlawfully in profit by guilty defendants that was not subject to an unlawful profit order because the defendants did not have the means to pay (i.e. money that was effectively written off by the local authority as unreclaimable)

Please provide this data for both assured and secure tenancies and for local authority owned housing and housing associations, both physically located in your local authority area and outside it.

There is no need to distinguish between the different types of tenancies but if you have cases for both local authority-owned stock and housing association stock please provide separate figures for the two.

Response 08-02-2018

Legal services have confirmed that this is a nil response as the legislation referred to in the request only applies in England and Wales.

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