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1. Flexischooling is defined by the Scottish government as where a child attends school part-time and is home educated for the remainder of the week, and can be arranged in collaboration with the school and parents. More information is available here:
Does your LA use the term flexischooling to refer to this arrangement, or is it known by a different term?

2. Please send us copies of written information that your LA makes available to staff, schools or parents to guide and support; a. requesting a flexischooling arrangement, b. the decision-making process in accepting or rejecting a request c. the ongoing support for schools and families involved in flexischooling.
This might include, but not be limited to, policies, procedures and information/guidance sheets.

3. If you do not have any written information as described above, please tell us how a request for a new flexischooling arrangement would be dealt with.

4. Which role within your LA has responsibility for flexischooling? What are their responsibilities? Please provide us with the contact details (name, email, phone number) of the person who currently holds this role.

1. How many children do you believe are currently flexischooling in your LA? Please tell us how you calculated this number (eg based on requests for arrangements, headteacher reports, registration codes).

2. Please provide a breakdown of these numbers indicating the phase of schooling ie number at primary (5-11) level, number at secondary (11-18) level.
3. How many flexischooled children are known to require Additional Support for Learning (ASL).

4. How many requests have been made for flexischooling arrangements during the academic years;
a) 2014-15
b) 2015-16
c) 2016-17

5. How many requests in each of those time periods were accepted?

6. How many requests in each of those time periods were refused. Please give a breakdown of the reasons for which they were refused.

Response 27-02-2018

1.We do use the term Flexischooling.

2. Please see section 4.6 (p7) in Moray’s Home Education Policy

3.The feasibility of each request is considered on its own merits:

In Primary and Secondary schools, the school would in partnership with the family and child agree to a flexible timetable dependent on their individual personal (including family’s desire to partially home educate), social, emotional, educational and health needs.  If it is agreed a flexible timetable is the most appropriate support, timetables are adapted on SEEMiS to reflect changes in the young person’s timetable.   

4. Lynne Riddoch, Education Officer (Pastoral Care) has recently undertaken the role to support parents/carers who request Home Education and in all aspects of the Home Education policy.  

Please see attached document for outline of roles and responsibilities of Education Officer (Pastoral Care)

Flexi Schooling Numbers

1-6. This information is exempt under Section 17 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

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