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Request 101001728773

1. What model does your organisation use to source temporary staff?  
1. Neutral Vendor
2. Master Vendor
3. Hybrid
4. Preferred Supplier List
5. other (please describe)

2. If your organisation utilises a Managed Service Provider to facilitate the sourcing of temporary staff, who are they?

3. Are any job categories excluded from this contract e.g. Social Care, Interims etc.

4. What is the most recent annual spend / last 12 months on temporary staff?

5. Do you have any off contract spend, if so, what is the approximate value?

6. What are the top 3 categories of temporary staff spend within your organisation? e.g. (Qualified Social Work, Refuse, etc)

7. What date does the current temporary staff contract end?
8. Is there an option to extend the current temporary staff contract? If so, until what date?

9. Who manages the contract from your organisations perspective?

Response 23-02-2018

1.We employ a number of temporary staff directly and source these staff through normal recruitment methods – myjobscotland. We do not have a corporate approach to the use of agency staffing although we know that some services use agencies on an ad-hoc basis.

2. N/A

3. N/A

4. Non-permanent staff £2,816,000

5. Almost all spend is off contract- we have no contractual arrangements other than a Scotland Excel contract for Social and Care Agency Staff which has been used only periodically

6. We are not aware of the criteria for 'top 3 categories' as service requirements change quickly however further information is available previously published in response to a similar request at


8. N/A

9 Each service would manage its own agency usage

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