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I understand that some recycling material put out by households for collection has to be sent to landfill because it hasn’t been cleaned properly by householders.

Could you please tell me what percentage and tonnage of material put out for recycling in your council area ends up in landfill because of “contamination”?

Do you know the financial cost to the council of this?

Response 12-02-2018

1. No recyclable materials presented to the kerbside for collection are sent to landfill. The contents of the purple recycling bin are processed at our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), whereby a process of extraction of non-recyclables is achieved. These non-recyclables are items such as plastic bags, dense plastics and heavy metals, for example, are then redirected to our landfill site. We do, as an authority, encourage Moray residents to wash out their cans and bottles but failure to do this doesn't affect our reprocessing.

2. 0%. From the afore mentioned extraction process, (non-recyclable material), deposited in a recycling container, around 4 tonne per week is sent to landfill. This equates to around 8.75% of the 35 tonnes reprocessed on an average week.

3. Landfill tax is currently £86.10 per tonne, so redirecting non-recyclable materials through contamination within the recycling streams, cost on average £344.00 per week.

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