FOI Request Anti- Homeless Devices

Request 101001733623

I request information as to whether or not your local authority has used, currently uses/has installed anti-homelessness/rough sleeping devices/technology and whether the local authority has a current policy on the use of such devices/technology/design (or if you hold any communication explicitly commenting on this matter).

Examples of such devices/technology/infrastructure are:
* Spikes
* Studs
* Bars (on benches/against walls etc)
*  Benches with vertical slats between each seat
* wall railings which enable leaning but not sitting or lying
* erection of slopes in doorways/against buildings

Please note this is not an exhaustive list, but merely examples anti-homelessness/rough-sleeping devices/technology/design.

Response 12-02-2018

There is no policy or associated adaptation works.

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